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ElectroSex Guide to the ULTIMATE Orgasmic Arousal

Electro Stimulation makes it possible for men and women to have prolonged, sustained, mind blowing, multiple orgasms! This is particularly great for men, who in normal sexual encounters are unable to achieve multiple orgasms.

How Electrosex Works

During electrosex the nerve cells are triggered to react by applying low levels of electrical stimulation. These nerves react like this mildly during normal sex but it is impossible to experience the heightened levels of ejaculation and stimulation that occur during electrosex.

Women who have never reached orgasm before have used electrosex products and found them to be the easiest and best way to have an orgasm or even a multiple orgasm.

Electro sexual stimulation is an incredible experience and those who try it will never go back!


Applying electrical stimulation does not cause any pain unless you want it to! The electrical pulses are at your complete control, from small tingles to extreme surges. The level of electrosex stimulation can be varied widely by adjusting the power level on your electrosex unit.

The pulses and surges in themselves are not painful, they create orgasmic feelings that are beyond imagination until you have tried electrosex for yourself!

For women orgasm can be reached faster than any other conventional methods of sexual stimulation or intercourse, making orgasms last and climax much longer than normally experienced.

Used in conjunction with some of our Extreme BDSM electrosex accessories you can add an element of pain to your electrosex experience.

Starting Electrosex

To get started with your first electrosex experience all you need is an electrosex power supply unit and a electrosex toy of your choice.

Our Em32 power pack comes in 3 different kits each with a different electrosex accessory. If you are looking for something different or more extreme, we stock an exciting range of different electrosex attachments that are suitable for use with the Em32.

Lubrication for Electrosex

It's important to use some form of lubrication in order to feel the full benefit of electrosex. For external use a conductive gel can be applied to help aid the electrical contact between your skin and the accessory.

Electrosex Safety

As with most sexual practices an element of precaution has to be taken, electrosex is perfectly safe if used correctly.

Do NOT use ElectraStim:

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